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HLTV clients have reaped growth

soaring over 1300% !

Offering extremely cost efficient

public engagement power

via broadcast, digital and social media marketing.

Home and Lifestyle TV brings you the BEST entertainment and buzz-worthy trends in America. The best food & recipes,

travel destinations & events, health topics & advice,

and of course home & design features.


Everything Home & Lifestyle... we bring all home to YOU!


christian sly 

HLTV PRODUCER CHRISTIAN SLY has spear headed hundreds of broadcast, creative, brand development and advertising projects annually for over 20 award-winning years. 

Christian has personally created and developed a myriad of regional, national and international television and film programs.


He recently passed his 4000th milestone for TV-aired original television broadcast productions, commercials, and documentaries reaching a multi-million international audience.


sarah harron 

HLTV PRODUCER/EDITOR SARAH HARRON has teamed forces with Christian Sly for over 10 years. Together they make marketing magic happen through creativity, ingenuity, and the utmost production quality expertise. 


leisa hart

HLTV HOST LEISA HART has culminated her 35 year immense  marketing and broadcast  success  into

power packed public engagement services.

Leisa was nominated for "Best Female Presenter" by the prestigious Jordan Whitney Awards. Her warm, approachable personality has her in high demand on stage and on camera.


Associating  your brand with Home & Lifestyle TV and Leisa Hart brings credibility and recognition without breaking the bank. 

graphic/web designer

casey hopman

HLTV GRAPHIC DESIGNER CASEY HOPMAN studied marketing at the coveted Texas A&M University. Her keen eye and techy girl edge yeild graphics & web design experiences that far surpass client expectations.


Bath Time Tips

Gaylord Texan

Citrus Appetite Suppressant

Pre-Surgery Nutraceutical Tip

Predict a Cardiac Event!

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