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WARNER BROTHERS BUNS OF STEEL FITNESS FAME LEISA HART  has a proven track record of success as fitness DVD icon, spokesperson, inspirational speaker, emcee, author, inventor and television host, generating over $1 billion in sales, and over 6 million DVD units sold.

"I was blessed to launch my career with Warner Brothers, the undeniable leader in entertainment, learning on their dime and my time. An instructor at heart, I'm compelled to share my knowledge with other entrepreneurial minded people to help them move to the front of the class and NAIL IT!


Whether it be nailing that paramount presentation, zeroing in on your true purpose, or simply finding the essence of YOU, I've got your back!  LEARN MORE


Leisa shares her personal story from tears to triumph with her world-wide audience, guiding them to discover that their own Success Power is hidden right within.  LEARN MORE

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