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Leisa began teaching group fitness at age 15. Her best friend Wendy auditioned and was hired to teach for Bally's 'Richard Simmons Asylums.' Leisa recalled, "my competitive side kicked in and I thought if she can do it, I can do it!"

Leisa's Start


"I showed up for the audition that involved simply following along to a high-impact aerobic dance class. Although I had never done aerobics or any dance classes of any sort what-so-ever, I felt the outfit alone would earn me the spot," laughed Leisa.


"I jumped, twisted and smiled, and was selected to train under the great red & white striped pant man, Richard Simmons himself!

** On a side note, thank goodness there was an elevator at school - I was too sore to walk up the stairs for a few days. Never admitted this to Wendy.


Leisa Hart Buns of Steel gets her start
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