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A seasoned health and fitness industry leader, Leisa has received vast media exposure hosting several successful infomercials and appearing on numerous national television programs including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC's Today Show, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight. She has hosted Texas Entertainment News, Good Morning Texas, ESPN's Fitness America Pageant, and appears regularly on Fox4 Good Day.

As a veteran QVC, Home Shopping Network, and infomercial pitch person, she has been a part of generating well over one billion dollars in sales. As Host of the DirectBuy Infomercial, Leisa was nominated for “Best Lead-Generating Infomercial” in 2007 by the prestigious Jordan Whitney GreenSheet Awards. She was also nominated as “Best Female Presenter” in 1998 and 2006.

After starring in 14 Buns of Steel DVD's Leisa Hart LifeStyles became turn-key producer for Warner Brothers, producing 4 new Buns of Steel DVD’s, in which Leisa also starred. LHL produced 20 additional fitness DVD’s including the top-selling prenatal series FitMama, ranking #1 above all Amazon categories, such as fitness, gardening, how-to, and even movies.


  • Guthy Renker:  Fitness Flyer

  • VitalBasics:  Focus Factor (TV & Radio)

  • Warner Vision:  Buns of Steel Buns Worker

  • VitalBasics:  Protein Power

  • LifeGear:  Saturne Elliptical  Trainer

  • TriStar: Ab & Thigh Sculptor

  • Abflex USA

  • Talk America: CarboTherm (TV & Radio)

  • VitalBasics:  Veromax (TV & Radio)

  • American Telecast: BallAero

  • Amazing Goods: Core Sculptor Plus

  • Imagination/Script To Screen: DirectBuy 


  • Abs of Steel 3

  • Abs of Steel 4

  • Buns of Steel 2

  • Body of Steel 2

  • Buns of Steel 4:        
    Rated #1 Consumer Reports

  • Abs & Chest of Steel 2000

  • Buns of Steel 10 

  • Thigh of Steel 2 

  • Arms & Abs of Steel 2 

  • Legs of Steel 2000 

  • Buns & Abs of Steel 2000

  • Abs of Steel 2000 Plus Arms 

  • Buns & Thighs of Steel 2000 

  • Hips & Thighs of Steel 2000  

  • Buns of Steel DVD 

  • Abs of Steel DVD 

  • Legs of Steel DVD

  • Arms of Steel DVD

  • BallAero

  • TNT: Tone-N-Ten Series

  • MBC Yoga Level I & II

  • On The Ball Abs

  • FitMama Prenatal
    #1 Seller on Amazon 

  • FitMama Postnatal

  • FitMama & Me

  • BoKwonDo Kickbox Series

  • Fit To The Core Burn

  • Fit To The Core Chisel 

  • My Personal Trainer

  • Sexy Series

  • Hard Core Abs

  • Fat Burn Yoga

  • Hart Core Pilates

  • Hart Core Yoga

  • Leisa Hart’s Power Yoga 

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