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Buns of Steel instructor Leisa Hart continues to create dynamic programs that are safe, fun and effective to get you the results you deserve! Her warm, approachable personality and impeccable cuing has motivated millions to embrace exercise. As an ACE and AFAA certified instructor with over 19 years fitness industry experience, Leisa specializes in Pre and Postnatal Exercise, Lifestyle & Weight Management, Yoga and Toning. Prenatal exercise will help you: Improve circulation • Increase energy levels • Ease emotional highs and lows • Speed recovery of the pelvic floor • Ease back and shoulder tension from delivery • Regain and improve your pre-pregnancy physique • Build strength to carry your new bundle of joy. Busy moms will love these 5 and 10 minute time saving segments. Leisa Hart along with other moms, offers intensity variations so that you can start out light and work your way up to a challenge when you’re ready. This innovative method helped Leisa get back in top shape after both her pregnancies. FitMama Postnatal Workout follows the guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists. "I’ll help you shed that baby fat and regain your pre-pregnancy physique!" - Leisa Hart

FitMama Pre & Postnatal 2 Pack!

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