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Hey Career Coaches! 

How would you like to add $1 Million in annual recurring revenue WITH INBOUND LEADS in 12 months or less?

Yes, you heard that right,

$1 Million in ARR 

in 12 months or less.

Have I piqued your interest?

I thought so. 

Hi, I’m Leisa Hart. You may know me from my Warner Brothers Buns of Steel workout series, or my shopping channel and TV appearances. 

I’ve sold over 6 million DVD’s and helped generate over $1 billion in direct sales campaigns.

And now, I’ve teamed up with Alpha Coast to help Career Coaches just like you build a 7-figure coaching business

in 12 months or less.

So how in the world do we do it?

With our 4 Step - Client ProFinder -Inbound LeadGen Program.

I’ll tell you more in a minute, but first let me ask you,

does any of this sound familiar?

* You’ve wasted 

a lot of $$$ on paid ads that didn’t deliver quality leads.

* You’re drained

from attending trade shows, engaging in group pods, and attending events that lead nowhere.

* You’ve over-invested

in creating expensive landing pages, sales funnels, sales copy, and affiliate partnerships that got you little to no ROI.

* You’re tired

of spending countless hours creating and posting content that no one is engaging with.

*** If you answer yes to any, then you’re definitely and finally, in the right place.

Here’s the deal. 

The best leads in the world are inbound leads because they come from people who are seeking your help and reach out on their own terms.

They are the 3% who are ready to buy.

The holy grail of all leads.

They have a pain, they have the funds, and are ready to pull the trigger!

However, even inbound leads alone are not enough. 

They’re only one of the 4 core components of building a 7-figure coaching business.

And that’s precisely why we created….the  Client ProFinder™
4 Step Inbound LeadGen Program.

Client Profinder™ is an implementation program, not a training, where we guide you one-on-one, every step of the way.

Step 1 - Build:
A solid online presence that commands credibility

Step 2 - Launch:
A full pipeline of constant inbound leads who request proposals daily

Step 3 - Operate:
A refined proven process to book sales calls and convert them into YOUR customers

Step 4 - Scale: 

A scalable fulfillment process that can handle volume without limiting the quality of YOUR service

We’ve helped countless Career Coaches JUST LIKE YOU level up their revenue WITH our  Client ProFinder™ program.    

Listen to what our clients are saying and know that this could be YOU very soon.

* Briar Doughtery is a very pleased client.

She says “Kent and his team are truly remarkable. 

His system works within days and has been a total game changer for my coaching business.”

* Bob Britz after 90 days of signing up, he got over 1800% ROI.

* Larnell Vickers tripled his monthly revenue in just 3 months
from $5K to $45k.

* Within 4 weeks, Angie Bruhn hit a 20:1 ROI,
went from 5 calls a week to 6 calls a day,
a 600% pipeline increase,
and hired a team of 7 To Keep Up With The Demand.

** So now, I want you to buckle up and get ready to achieve results just like they did for YOUR COACHING BUSINESS.

Allow me to introduce you to the mastermind behind it all, our Founder, Kent Vanho.  

Kent spent most of his 17 year corporate career, building systems and platforms for enterprises.  

Kent developed a SaaS platform that captures signals and proposal requests online, then drivers them to career coaches on a silver platter.

Kent scaled his own consulting business to over $624,000 in annual recurring revenue within just three months of launching, using the Client Profinder strategies that we’ll be sharing with you.  

Our Alpha Coast team is geared up and ready to help YOU reach the holy grail, the coveted 3% who are ready to make a buying decision and add $1 Million in annual recurring revenue in 12 months or less.

Due to the hands-on nature of our service, we can only accept a handful of clients at a time.  

We currently have room for a few more, so book your free demo call today!

So what are you waiting for? 

I mean seriously… What are you waiting for? 

Those CLIENT PROFINDER Inbound Leads have your name written all over them! 

*** We’re in this together. 

We guarantee 10, (20, 25) qualified inbound leads daily or you don't pay — you’ll get 100% of your money back —guaranteed.  

Absolutely zero risk, nothing to lose, to help you build a 7figure coaching business.

Due to the hands-on nature of our service, we can only work with a handful of clients at a time.  

We currently have room for a few more, so book your free demo call today and get ready to create YOUR 7 figure coaching business!

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