Puppy Love!

February 25, 2020


I've never really been a dog person. UNTIL NOW. I thought it was a bit silly how much dog lovers boasted about their furry friends. UNTIL NOW. Oh my goodness - just look at the pics of my amazing pup "Aggie" and it's easy to see that I AM A TOTAL DOG PERSON NOW!!


Aggie is is a Doodle Mix, and has brought our family so much joy. We were told he would likely get up to about 50 lbs. Well, at 8 months old, he weighs 80 lbs. and is surely not finished growing! 


He actually weighs the same as my 12 year old Mae Mae. She says she's already got a date to the prom :-))) I would have never thought I would be writing a BLOG post about a dog. UNTIL NOW! More Aggie stories to come! XOXOXOXOXO



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