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Fitness expert Leisa Hart known the world over for choreographing and starring in the multi-million-selling Buns of Steel workout series selling over 6 million DVDs and over one billion dollars in product sales. Leisa dazzles audiences with her warm, approachable personality as a fitness DVD icon, health and wellness expert, fitness expert, motivational speaker, television host, emcee, infomercial host, product inventor, product endorser, shopping channel pitch person, spokesperson, nutrition specialist, author and voice over artist. Leisa now shares how her buns-paved-success was filled with many obstacles including a hip fracture, back surgery and rheumatoid arthritis, all of which mapping a silver lining of relating to her audience on much deeper levels. Her quick wit and no-nonsense approach inspires others to rise above challenges to reach heights they truly deserve in mind, body, spirit and soul.