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At the urging of a friend, Leisa competed in the 1993 ESPN Fitness America Pageant. After several preliminary events from Dallas to Houston, she made it to the finals in Los Angeles. Performing to "R -O -C -K  in the USA" by Bruce Springstein, she requested a special spotlight finale - a foreshadow to her production career. :-)

The 1st Runner Up Prize Package was a big gaudy trophy. Leisa admitted, "at the time I was very dejected to not even receive flowers or a tanning salon coupon for all my time and travel expense - I was in my early 20's - forgive me!"

The real reward was soon to come. A local sports agent contacted Leisa offering a job on Channel 11 KTVT - "Sunday Night Showtime" - a casual local Dallas sports show. "What?! Ok... just tell me what to say..."

And so she haphazardly interviewed local sports celebs such as Dallas Cowboys football quarterback Troy Aikman, Muhammad Ali, golfer Byron Nelson and Olympic runner Michael Johnson. 


Over 6 Million
DVD's Sold

A few months later, a call came from a woman with Warner Brothers -- in search of the next Buns of Steel instructor. Leisa said, "thank goodness it was a woman - I would have hung up on a man saying he was from Buns of Steel!" Luckily Leisa had just a wee-bit of TV experience and a connection now with a camera OP to shoot her audition!

Through a process of various audition tapes from around the US, Leisa was the lucky girl who got the call. "At that time I thought I had been auditioning to be background talent, and I hoped that maybe I would get noticed and someday have a chance for the lead," Leisa laughs as she recalls.

After reviewing the big-girl contract with her savvy Texas agent, he had to point out that "actually Leisa, you're the lead instructor - can you do that?!" After the initial shock she replied "Of course I can!"

With over 6 million DVD's sold, apparently she was right!


The past 30 years have been quite a ride for this internationally known health and wellness industry veteran. Video productions in Hollywood,  TV and radio publicity tours across the US, regular appearances on the shopping networks in addition to Good Morning Texas and FOX 4 Good Day Dallas. She has been featured on numerous national television programs including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC's Today Show, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight. She has hosted Texas Entertainment News, Good Morning Texas, and ESPN's Fitness America Pageant.


Leisa has received vast media exposure hosting numerous successful infomercials from fitness, to wellness, to home lifestyles. As Host of the DirectBuy infomercial, Leisa was nominated for “Best Lead-Generating Infomercial” in 2007 by the prestigious Jordan Whitney GreenSheet Awards. She was also nominated as “Best Female Presenter” in 1998 and 2006. Leisa is a seasoned pitch person, generating well over two billion dollars in sales.

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