Behind Leisa’s buns-paved-success were hidden struggles, each mapping a silver lining of relating to her audience on deeper levels. A hip fracture, back surgery, rheumatoid arthritis, arrhythmia, sleep deprivation and related anxiety brought Leisa to low points that at times seemed insurmountable. “I felt like I was drowning but knew I would come up for air by visualizing where my family needed me to be,” she recalls.It was those moments that brought Leisa to the development of “R4: Rise, Respect, Reflect, Renew,” an inspirational wellness approach designed to transform lives in mind, body, spirit and soul. Through R4, she reveals how her uplifting philosophy to health and wellness puts family first and has kept her looking and feeling amazingly fit even at age 50.

as she tells it like it is, sharing her bag of tricks from tears to triumph. You'll be inspired and motivated to

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