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"My journey from



LEISA HART's fitness career took shape through her Buns of Steel® days with Warner Brothers selling over 6 million units, shaping bodies internationally with a focus on how you look on the outside. 

Her buns-paved success encountered a myriad of life challenges laced with a silver lining of relating to others on much deeper levels. She has culminated that empowerment with her over 35 years health and fitness industry experience to share her new "Love Your Body from the Inside Out" concept with her worldwide audience. 

Now in her mid 50's, Leisa has experienced struggles like so many others. Back surgery, RA pain, sleep deprivation and many related hurdles, each paving the way in her search for solutions. Juggling a full time career and 3 kids, she found that her Steel Body philosophy needed to align with her lifestyle, and that being truly fit embodied far more than just having perky buns. 

It became more evident that clean nutrition and reducing stress were key in allowing her to handle life’s challenges with finesse. And reducing stress had to start with changing the continuous track of self judgment she kept playing in her head. That inner voice that kept making her think she had to “look” a certain way to maintain her Steel based image.


In her search for solutions she found that the answer truly was right inside her the entire time. It was in her individual blueprint, literally within her DNA. Now she shares how her "Nourish Your Body from the Inside Out" lifestyle has helped her to overcome her struggles and come out stronger, healthier and happier than ever.

Her approach focuses on 6 key factors:

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