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From Buns of Steel to Buns in the Oven to Mom of 3, Life is Busy but Life is Good

Time Saving Tips from Buns of Steel Mom Leisa Hart

Learn to manage your time:

The one thing I have learned from having 3 children, now 19, 17 & 14 years old, is that you need to be very good at time management or you will flat out run of gas!

We have a lot going on in our household, but we manage to have several nights a week of family meals. It's always hard with sports, work, school events, you name it. But I am a firm believer that FAMILY IS FIRST so we make sure we sit down and enjoy a great meal and chit chat.

Lucky for me, my hubs is a fantastic cook. He'd be a chef if it was his profession, so we are lucky to have some excellent meals that have always been like life lessons for the kids. We say our prayers and we enjoy a delicious meal & talk and laugh (sometimes the kids are unruly and sarcastic, but that's life!).

Another thing I like to tell my social media friends is that you don't have to accomplish everything on your "to-do" list to make it a successful day. I talk w moms all the time who are overwhelmed and feel like they never get anything done.

It's easy to get frustrated w the loads of laundry or the dirty dishes, but in our house the kids all have chores and they have gotten much better with picking up the dirty clothes or helping out in the kitchen. A lot of families have coddled, entitled kids that act like they are above doing household chores. Not us.

Enjoy the things you have, and don't dwell on what you don't have. By taking a deep breath, walking, meditating, you can let your mind relax and stay focused on the tasks that need to get done. A happy mama is important, so I always tell moms that have reached out about various issues that you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

You need to have ADULT TIME to stay sane!

Enjoy the kids, but put your partner first! Life can get in the way of a healthy marriage, making it unhealthy. But you can stay the course if you have set a date on the family calendar and go out to dinner, go workout together, watch a movie at the house with the kids in the other room. Last night, our daughter was a bday party, one son was working and the other son was in his room playing Fort Nite (that game is crazy addictive!), and we were able to binge watch some tv, a rare feat but something we try to do as often as possible.

Bottom line, manage your family time and manage your personal time and the stress is less. Enjoy a bubble bath, a glass of wine, a yoga stretch, take care of you and LIFE WILL BE GOOD!

  • Put reminder stickers in the pantry or the frig so kids will eat good snacks.

  • Set out lunch items the night before school, saving you morning time.

  • And use a paper calendar in the house, don't relay on that smart phone!!!

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