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Curry Comfort: Noodle Dish in less than 15 minutes!

Coconut Curry Noodle Dish

With three kids, we are always on the go & always in need of quick & easy meals. And you know me, HEALTHY!

I always preach to "buddy up" a protein with your carbs. This is one of my favorite Thai dishes & my kids absolutely love it.


Start the clock, this should only take 15 minutes, tops!

In a pot boil some water for the rice noodles (I only buy gluten free rice noodles, they usually only take 4-5 minutes to cook). Depending on what type of noodle you are making will determine how much time it will take to cook. I made enough to feed 5 (& to have some leftovers!) :---)))

Heat a large saute pan. Chop up 1/4 of a yellow onion & about 20 baby carrots (we always have these in the frig). Add some coconut oil & EVOO to the pan, add the veggies.

When the salted water is boiling, add your noodles & cook appropriately. Undercook them because you finish them in the other pan.

The veggies only need a few minutes to cook.

To save time, we used 2 cans of organic white chicken meat (don't drain, use the liquid from the can). We had 2 leftover turkey burgers that can we knew in advance we'd add to a pasta dish (my hubby loves to cook & we often plan out a few meals in advance when shopping). Chop up the turkey & add to the pan w the chicken & a can of coconut milk.

Season w the following: tbsp of curry paste, several shakes of curry powder, ginger & garlic. Also add little cumin, oregano, cayenne & black pepper.

Drain & add the noodles when they are done!

Kitchen hack: we buy big bags of fresh spinach, kale, mixed greens & freeze them after a day or so. Once frozen we crunch them up while in the bag to make smaller pieces of greens. It makes it very easy to add them to a pasta dish like this ---- the kids don't care for the large leafy greens. Plus, they think it's cilantro & basil mixed in. HA!

At this time I added about 3 cups of frozen kale to the dish. They wilt & cook quickly.

Chop up about a cup of fresh cilantro & half cup fresh basil & add to the dish. You can use dry cilantro & basil if you would prefer.

Stir in a few shakes of lemon juice & sriracha.


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