bye bye 2016.......Hello 2017!

2016. It was a fantastic year, yet a very emotional year.

Just before my father was to turn 94, he passed on to join my mother, who he had dearly missed for 11 years.

Just a few months later, my brother Davey lost his battle with ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. Losing a parent & a sibling made 2016 a challenging year.

However, the circle of life is beautiful. Remembering all of the good times & adventures we share w each other is truly a blessing. Memories, it's what we do every day to make life so complete, so rewarding, so fulfilling.

Children growing, learning. Enjoying the seasons. Watching friends & family go through their own journeys and being there to support and cheer them on.

With the turning of the calendar, we can reset our emotions and recharge our minds and body for a great new year.

I've never been one to make my own NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS public, but I do encourage that you have your own goals that you can strive to achieve. Write them down, make a plan. Make them reasonable, attainable, and stick with a plan to make it happen.

Every day is not perfect, but every day we can adjust to our situation and surroundings with an attitude of optimism, of hope, belief, and love.

Bye Bye 2016, and HELLO 2017.

xoxo, Leisa

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